Our Team

Graduated with B.Tech from IIT, Kharagpur and M.S. from University of Florida, has more than 35 years of hands on experience in Port Planning, Structural Design, Mathematical Model Studies, Oceanography, Environment, and Port Construction. Specialises in business strategy and risk analysis has vast experience in consulting and execution management in the USA, Denmarkand Singapore and India.

Graduated from Technical University of Denmark in MSc Engineering, Jesper has 27 years of experience in research and consulting in the domains of hydraulics, coastal and maritime engineering, His core area of specialisation is in sediment transport. He has vast experience on international assignments especially in Middle East.

Mechanical Engineer and Graduate in Commerce, Diploma in Marketing Management (Mumbai University) and Diploma in Common Law (Halborn Collage, London) with over 30 years of experience in business development in the sectors of Ports material handling, EPC contracts, and Ports and Harbours.

Masters in Life Science, Doctorate in Cyto-physiology. Accredited QCINABET EIA Coordinator (Cat. A) (Building, area development, Hazardous Waste TSDFs and Bio-medical waste, FAE Ecology and biodiversity, over 10 years experience in academics and research, over 23 years of experience in Environmental, Forest & Wildlife, CRZ Clearances. Green Buildings, Pre­acquisition due to diligences and Specialised Projects.

Doctorate in Ocean Modelling from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, over 21 years of experience in coasltal hydraulics, sediment transport, numerical modelling and its application in coastal and marine engineering. Expertise in numerical modelling packages such as MIKE 21, MIKE3 and LITPACK for currents, waves, storm surge, sediment transport processes, dredging and recirculating analysis, etc.

Masters in Environmental Sciences Delhi University, Post Diploma in Industrial Safety, Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmedabad, Accredited QCI NABET EIA Coordinator (Cat. A) in Ports and Harbour, Cement, Industrial Estates and SEZ, Pesticide Technical, and Functional Area Expert in Risk and Hazard. Over 23 year of experience in legal consent management, environmental strategy and sustainability, Policy level assignments in Ports & Marine In EHS and Sustainibility.

Post Graduation in Biotechnology and Doctorate in Environmental Science (Sardar Patel University), SRF under Maulana Azad National Fellowship, worked as Project Officer in Gujarat Ecology Commission, supervised several projects of reginal importance.

Post Graduation in Environmental Science, Masters in Planning in Industrial Area Planning and Management from CEPT University, Ahmedabad, extensive hands-on experience in Social Impact Assessment, offshore wind, solid waste management, urban and industrial infrastructure, water conservation, water treatment, climate change and sustainability.