5 handy AI tools for school that students, teachers, and parents can use, too

Another of the early big hitters, Stable Diffusion is a popular image generation model, with a free tool on the web browser. DreamStudio uses the Stable Diffusion Yakov Livshits model and has a host of options and a professional user interface. CodeWhisperer supports many programming languages and can integrate with existing workflows.

The onboarding, tool tips, and general helpful vibe of the app are something other developers could learn from. Select a word or phrase, click Describe, and the AI will generate a few suggestions for the sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch of the thing, as well as a couple of metaphors. If you’re the kind of writer who struggles to add sensory depth to your short stories, it can help you get into the habit of describing things in more interesting ways.


It allows you to save web pages and content for later use and integrates seamlessly with popular apps like Gmail, Slack, and Google Drive. With this, you’ll never forget important details or miss out on valuable information again. DeepBrain AI is the best AI video generator that can help you create amazing videos with ease. All of this is offered at a price of $30 per month and just $24 per month with the yearly plan.

Generative AI models are designed to generate new and original content based on existing data. For that, these use neural networks to identify the patterns and structures of the data models. This can include building licensed, customizable and proprietary models with data and machine learning platforms, and will require working with vendors and partners.


Though different search engines could penalize you for using AI-generated text copies, you can always use these AI tools to optimize your content and make your human-generated content more resourceful. Now, generative AI tools can easily write a unique essay in a few minutes of bioinformatics, create awesome images, and provide voice-overs of movie stars for your digital ad. ​​​​​​​Anthropic is dedicated to building systems that people can rely on and generating research about the opportunities and risks of AI. Claude 2, the company’s latest model, has improved performance, longer responses, and can be accessed via API as well as a new public-facing beta website, claude.ai. It is capable of tasks from sophisticated dialogue and creative content generation to detailed instruction. In 2023, generative AI tools are going to disrupt how we create and share content.

Using the OpenAI API key, you can access OpenAI-created AI models that can generate responses matching the provided context. LOVO offers an intuitive and comprehensive user interface (UI) that encompasses all the necessary elements for crafting video content entirely from the beginning. It’s also worth noting that generative AI capabilities will increasingly be built into the software products you likely use everyday, like Bing, Office 365, Microsoft 365 Copilot and Google Workspace. This is effectively a “free” tier, though vendors will ultimately pass on costs to customers as part of bundled incremental price increases to their products. Gartner sees generative AI becoming a general-purpose technology with an impact similar to that of the steam engine, electricity and the internet. But generative AI only hit mainstream headlines in late 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT, a chatbot capable of very human-seeming interactions.

Foreign language courses are typically mandatory for students throughout their education, starting at the middle school level all the way through to college. The appeal of the Duolingo app is that it gamifies the language-learning experience through bite-sized Yakov Livshits lessons that feel like individual quests. It also has a streak, leaderboard, league, and point system that motivates learners to want to keep going. With ChatPDF, all you need to do is upload your PDF, and it will process your file in seconds.

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The most commonly used tool from OpenAI to date is ChatGPT, which offers common users free access to basic AI content development. It has also announced its experimental premium subscription, ChatGPT Plus, for users who need additional processing power, and early access to new features. SpellBox helps developers put quality first by taking the heavy lifting out of code creation, problem-solving, and debugging. Using simple prompts, SpellBox will spin up the exact code you’re looking for and find solutions in seconds, so you won’t lose critical hours searching the internet for answers.

ChatGPT is a free chat interface developed by Open AI based on the GPT-3 model. Generative AI is an exciting field within artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new and unique content. Rytr Chat users can use other RytrAI features, like the documents section, revision tools, and team plans, to simplify their work. Generative AI tools are software or frameworks that enable the creation and manipulation of generative AI models. HeyDay is an AI-powered memory assistant that uses advanced technology to help you remember important information you’ve come across online.

My 5 favorite AI tools for school: Class is in session, and generative AI can help – ZDNet

My 5 favorite AI tools for school: Class is in session, and generative AI can help.

Posted: Fri, 08 Sep 2023 07:26:56 GMT [source]

It can recover video details, blend frames, create a nice visual flow, and much more. The AI “learns” from the surrounding frames of the video, resulting in natural results. Descript is a comprehensive AI video editor that lets you create professional-looking videos in a snap. You can use it to add various visual elements, titles and captions, animate layers, and more.

In recent years, the capabilities of generative AI tools have expanded significantly, leading to their adoption in various industries. Let’s delve into some of the Yakov Livshits that are making a mark in 2023. These tools enable text-to-image conversions that can be used commercially in areas such as advertising, publishing, and the film industry. This can entail using graphic design tools for additional editing or iterating with various inputs. Start by simply entering a descriptive prompt and adjusting the setting for mood, medium, inspiration, etc. Using these tools, you can make your life easier and save your precious time.

Generative AI tools are software applications that leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to create content, designs, and other outputs autonomously. They learn patterns from existing data and generate new content based on that knowledge. These tools utilize advanced machine learning techniques, such as neural networks and GANs, to produce outputs that can range from text and images to music and code. Generative AI tools can be used for various tasks such as image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), speech synthesis, video generation, and data analysis. One example of an application that utilizes generative AI is facial recognition technology, which uses machine vision to identify people by analyzing their facial features in photos or videos.

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The eye-catching image gracing the top of this page showcases Midjourney’s capabilities, having been created with this promising platform. Brandwatch leverages AI to provide businesses with critical insights into their competitors’ social media content. Its advanced algorithms analyze and summarize themes, giving businesses the edge they need to build superior marketing strategies.

Generative AI for Business: Top 7 Productivity Boosts – eWeek

Generative AI for Business: Top 7 Productivity Boosts.

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Moreover, users can fine-tune the output by manipulating class vectors, enabling precise control over the generated images. However, like many other sophisticated GAN models, BigGAN requires significant computational resources for training and inference. VQ-VAE-2 is a powerful AI tool that focuses on high-quality image synthesis through vector quantization. This approach involves representing images as discrete codes, making it easier to manipulate and reconstruct them.

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